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S16 MAX "X9999" - 29 OCTOBER!



Dear EasyMU Players,
New Season 16 on EasyMu x9999!

Time ago we presented our MAX "x9999" server - players really love it, have a lot of good feedbacks, and now we are going step forward, to promote the interests of the old players and to attract new players! We will perform character wipe.
Server will run at x9999 MAX experience, it will allow players to get easy max stats so they can
start enjoying our uniqley high hp/damage pvp system with over 4k attack speeds and millions of damages.


Grand Opening Time:

Server time: 18:00  
[GMT +3, 20:00 PM - Athens]
[GMT +7, 00:00 AM - Vietnam]
[GMT +8, 01:00 AM - Philippines]
[GMT -3, 02:00 PM - Argentina/Brazil]


Basic information:

Server will start with 2 servers PVP and NON-PVP

Version: Season 16 Part 2
Experience: X9999 (Normal, Master, Majestic)
Points per Level: 5/7
Points per Master Level: 2/3 
Resets: In game /reset command , 400 Level, Cost 1kk*reset count (RESET on web free 6 credits)
Reset Burns Stats: No, stats stays, Max stats: 32767
Grand resets: unlimited, every 50 resets (Free: 52650 credits!!!)
All chars create: from 1 level
Offlevel: ON , Disabled in Arena and low level maps , 12 Hours Limit
Offtrade: Available in low level maps and Loren Market 
Personal Store: Zen personal store and offlevel store items are sold for Zen
Jewels: Various ways to get them (Check drop list) , Monsters jewel drop rate is high.
NoN PvP: Arena is a non-pvp map where you can level up easy with out getting killed
MuBot (MuHelper) from: 30 level
WCoins & xShop: Farm WCoins with plenty of ways (check drop list) and buy your max gear from xshop and website shop. 
Wcoins: Exchange from credits to Wcoins (ratio 10/1)

Maximal character level: 400 | master level: 800 (total max level: 1200)

Ruud Trade: Buy Custom Ruud Jewels from Ruud Shop or Goblin Point Shop that rewards exactly the amount you paid so you can trade your Ruud.


About vip:

Experience increase: 2x higher
Drop increase: 2x higher
Exc. Drop increase: 2x higher
Credits per reset: 2x more
Offlevel limit for 48 hours
Mixrate: 2x more success for Wings,Items,Enhanced,Pentagram.


FREE Starting items: 

100000000 Zen

100 Free starting Points

And many other gifts...

Get FREE Credits:

Every reset from web: gives you 6 credits (VIP: 12 credits)

Grand resets: (Free: 52650 credits!!!) 

Vote Reward System: (Free 20 credits every 12/24 hours). Click Here For More Info

Posted by Daboy :: 6 March, 2020